Thursday, March 15, 2012

Fuck Yeah Brutalism

Famous example of brutalism just north of New York City in Orange County, New York, about to be replace with unoriginal colonial-wannabee structure that looks like the architectural equivalent of clipart.


Travis said...

Brutalism is hideous. I live in a Brutalist "Chrushevka" apartment building in Moscow. The faux-colonial stuff is quaint and gives things a home-town feel - think Alexandria, Virginia. Most people like it. Personally I go for Beaux-Arts "City Beautiful" Movement buildings like Grand Central Station in NYC.

Ste said...

Both of those buildings are boring. The top one because it's clumsy, grey and devoid of all character. The bottom one because it's flat, pretentious and pseudo-colonialist.

brutalism+booze said...

don't agree - the first one is not boring at all