Wednesday, July 14, 2010

BLDGBLOG: Building Storm

BLDGBLOG: Building Storm

This Bldgblog post (link in title) is from 13 months ago but is fascinating, especially as it relates to the paintings I'm currently developing. In the spirit of Velocity Girl, the Smiths and countless other bands whose pop rhythms belie anger, so the colors from a pre-bubble bursting 2007 forecasts sooth the splintering content in the image above (study for a painting to be started tomorrow).

The houses grows out of my complicated history to home—my own tendency towards wanderlust, my curiosity about other nomads, and my father's history as the builder of homes. With the upcoming year yet again overseas, we'll see how this imagery evolves...especially as I leave Florida where emergency specialist express concerns about hurricanes transforming vacant homes into violent projectiles. Yikes.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Herzog & de Meuron

Architecture Photo Gallery: AD Special: Herzog & de Meuron by Duccio Malagamba – ArchDaily

Finally painting all day. The Vitrahaus reminds me of the housing forms I'm creating ...although Herzog & de Meuron's creation looks a little more barnacle buildup where mine are definitely exploded, reconfigured balls of grace.