Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Anderson Ranch with Casey Reas

With the school year soon to go into full gear, I only have time for a short post on my recent workshop with Casey Reas at Anderson Ranch. Description from Casey is here:

For a more through description of the workshop, check out workshop classmate Simon Sarginson's post on Cyber Salon:

We had a fantastic group with a range of programming and fabrication skills. Everyone had something to offer. The week unfolded as follows:

  • Monday: Processing intro with plotter + pen exercise
  • Tuesday: Processing intro day 2 with plotter + vinyl exercise, laser cutter review
  • Wednesday: CNC router review with blue foam exercise
  • Thursday–Friday: Independent projects and crit

It was heavenly to be a student again, especially with Casey. He's extraordinary at working through ideas with code.

Entrance to Anderson Ranch, photo by Joelle Dietrick 
Computer lab, photo by Simon Sarginson
Fab lab, Donna Sweigart designing jewelry on felt, photo by Simon Sarginson

Detail of Donna's design, photo by Simon Sarginson

Ben Moren's plotter + pen design, photo by Simon Sarginson

Simon Sarginson's maze on the laser cutter, photo by Simon Sarginson 
Will Russack guiding us through the CNC Router exercise, photo by Simon Sarginson

Friday class crit, photo by Joelle Dietrick

Friday class crit, photo by Joelle Dietrick

Friday class crit, photo by Simon Sarginson

Many thanks to the funding from Anderson Ranch and Florida State University's Office of Research that allowed me to attend. Related international collaborations and exhibitions already brewing. Thanks, Casey!

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Robert Yarber on Lapidus' Fontainebleau

About to talk at Penn State where I studied with Robert Yarber, Julie Heffernan and Micaela Amato. Stumbled upon VCU's interview with Robert Yarber:
When I really drawing floating figures in 2006, was it in part because Yarber bubbled up subliminally? Bizarre...