Sunday, June 11, 2017

100 Days on a Fulbright: Days 61-74: 2-Week Blog Break

Image source: From the boat tour of Hamburg’s harbor that I attended one week ago.
Details about “Port of Hope” Harbor Tour – Colonialism, Migration and Racism
I’m taking a two-week break from the blog to deliver my daughter back to my parents in the States. This six-year old bravely navigated my husband’s Fulbright to Austria last spring but has done less well here in Germany. This morning I’m reading the collection of Fulbrighters with families posted here:  I see I am not alone with my daughter’s range of reactions to this experience. It’s both amazing and hard to be overseas. If we had a year-long Fulbright in one place, we would make this work and she would adapt, but in the unusual case of my 3-country global award, it’s time to take her back and give her a much deserved break.

While back home, I’ll continue my Fulbright-related research and related studio production, but it’s time to take a brief break on the blog. Bis bald.

Thursday, June 08, 2017

100 Days on a Fulbright: Day 58: Building a City

Hamburg 1700. Created by Johann Baptist Homann, German cartographer, publisher and copper cutter. Image source.
I’m still focused on blender, but finally working the whole city for our game. I’m not so zoomed out as the image above, but I love this image. From the 1700s.

Different view below. Plague hit in Hamburg in 1712 so below is from after. I have similar images of Rotterdam maps that I found during a research trip to the Getty in LA. For a later post.

Hamburg 1730. Published by Covens & Mortier. Image source.

Tuesday, June 06, 2017

100 Days on a Fulbright: Day 56: Exhibition Catalog Research

Oblique Drawing: A History of Anti-Perspective (Writing Architecture) 
by Massimo Scolari et al. The MIT Press. 2015.

As Owen and I oscillate between 2D, 2.5D and 3D spaces in our game experiments, how refreshing to stumble upon Oblique Drawing: A History of Anti-Perspective by Massimo Scolari, who was a visiting professor at Yale University until 2012...not sure what he's up to now. Today was spent looking up such books for own library and an exhibition catalog review assignment that I will give my students in the fall. List coming soon.