Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Alighiero Boetti Retrospective at Museum of Modern Art

Most pleasant surprises:

'For me the work of the embroidered Mappa is the ultimate in beauty. For that work I did nothing, chose nothing, in the sense that: the world is made as it is, not as I designed it, the flags are those that exist, and I did not design them; in short, I did absolutely nothing; when the basic idea, the concept, emerges everything else requires no choosing' (A. Boetti quoted in Alberto Boatto, Alighiero & Boetti, Ravenna 1984, p. 122).

Link to NYTimes Review

And in Chelsea

1) Leo Koenig, Julika Rudelius, http://www.rudelius.org/
2) "Everyday Abstract--Abstract Everyday," James Cohan, Gabriel Pionkowski is amazing

Saturday, July 07, 2012

RCA Architecture

New Royal College of Art dean of architecture Alex de Rijke will steer students away from proposing unrealisable “paper architecture” and instead focus on how their ideas could be built.

 In an interview with Dezeen at the RCA Show 2012 last month, de Rijke said: “Historically [at the RCA] there’s always been a very strong agenda on paper architecture – the speculative, the work that is provocative but not necessarily make-able.”

 In future, “Students will be encouraged to speculate not just about future uses or programmes or places, but actually speculate about how they will be built,” de Rijke says. “Material experiment will very much become part of the course.”