Monday, October 25, 2010

BLDGBLOG: The Migration of Mel and Judith

BLDGBLOG: The Migration of Mel and Judith

Looks my tangled home fragments in a lamp. Brilliant.

Excerpt from Always a good read:

Like the spaceships in Stanley Kubrick's film 2001, the walls of their representational frame simply turn and turn, bringing us over and over again back through the same space, as if unwilling to let go of what's come before...retired into this deliberately over-nostalgic world of their own making, constantly cycling back in memory through their shared past. They have built a frame to fit themselves within, as if to give their lives narrative completion.

Sometimes nest-building feels like this. It's fascinating to me when expats do this, even in temporary homes as Bachelard described the home—the I that separates from the non-I.

For this reason, I'm currently collecting photos of expat domestic spaces. If you have a moment, please email a photo of any part of your home overseas, particularly an interior room, to Thanks!

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