Thursday, August 19, 2010

Kavi Gupta's Adult Contemporary - Dirty Black Summer

Kelly Sears. The Body Besieged (2009, 4:30)

Last night we went to Kavi Gupta's screening of film and video works. Biking over to a new neighborhood felt divine. Lots of exercise and fresh air after a day stuck in front of the computer. A nice size crowd gathered and felt approachable. Slowly getting to know this art scene, full of Americans. We are the what?...5th or 6th major wave of American expat artists to flock to this affordable city? And we're ok with that. Others worked hard, building a foundation, and we benefit from that labor. It's comforting to know everyone is so approachable.

Highlights from the films like here.

Lindsay Lawson. Das Ding (2010, 3:39)

Deanna Erdmann. Donut (2008)

John Kilduff. Let's Exercise, Make Smoothies, and Paint a Supermodel (2007)

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