Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thin Cities: New Favorites

I have to bring Bldgblog to my readers' attention yet again. Look at these photographs by Bas Princen. They are in the same spirit as my Thin Cities series, but all the more powerful because they are real, on the outskirts of cities in unlikely arrangements. The Storefront for Art and Architecture writing about the photographs says it best.

Although it is the result of extensive travels and research in five cities of the Middle East and Turkey—Istanbul, Beirut, Amman, Cairo and Dubai—it could just as easily pass as the pictorial record of a dérive through a single, imaginary city: a city without a center, populated by extraordinary and at times implausible architectural artefacts; an urban laboratory whose physical traits are defined by migratory flows, spatial transformation and geopolitical flux on a continental scale.

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