Saturday, October 14, 2006

Iana Quesnell, dysfunctional nomad

Please do yourself a favor and see my friend Iana Quesnell's show. The work is smart, beautifully executed, and dovetails with the questions and concerns raised by the Female Expat Project. I hope a page with her work here soon.

The annoucement for the show:

Akemi Hong & Camilo Ontiveros in collaboration with the Voz Alta Collective would like to find you at

La Gringa Turista
Iana Quesnell @ Voz Alta
October 28 – November 8, 2006

Reception: October 28, 7 - 11pm

Voz Alta
1544 Broadway
San Diego, CA 92101

What does it mean to own yourself and to own the space that your body occupies in each moment?
Iana has turned what she sees as “dysfunctional nomadism” into the subject of her work. Through a process of documentation, she explores ways to own space temporally. Her large-scale drawings both depict the intimate details that she associates with owning a space while at the same time they are an act of claiming a kind of real estate through scale. The real estate of her drawings, like the real estate of her body, share the conundrum of having to borrow paths in order to physically exist.
La Gringa Turista is a documentation of living in Tijuana this past summer.
Due to the tension of being an outsider this work focuses primarily on the scene outside as viewed from the sofa inside, where she spent most of her time.

Open by appointment: | no phone

For more information, contact Akemi Hong & Camilo Ontiveros:
(916) 524-3712
(619) 398-6872

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Florida1L said...

Hi. If you're able to connect with Iana, please let her know I have been trying to reach her. She can e-mail me or call me.
(813) 842-6483. Thank you. Vilma Martinez