Tuesday, August 15, 2006

dear female expats, please tag along and contribute!

So I'm starting a class in two weeks (sweet Jesus) entitled The Traditional and The Digital. It's goal=to consider how the digital has influence more traditional forms of artistic production. We'll discuss not only how image editing software has effected the look of artists, the working process and heightened debates about authenticity, etc, but also how we use it as a research tool for content, involvement of audience, and an element of chaos. In preparation for the class, I'm picking up the pace on my blogging. See the following sites for great blogging tips.

http://www.7nights.com/asterisk/archives05/2005/07/usable-content-manifesto (scan down to where it provides a bullet list of usable content tips) and http://www.7nights.com/asterisk/archives05/content/

Happy blogging.

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