Friday, February 09, 2024

2023 in Review / 2024 News


Exhibition at The Shirley Project Space in Brooklyn

Three and a half years since our last blog post about Tally on the Sneakaway Studio blog, and people are still signing up and playing the game. In the meantime, Owen and I have tucked away to work on individual projects that inevitably develop into collaborations. Chasing the Sun is one of those bodies of work. Pictured above is from my exhibition in Brooklyn last fall at The Shirley Project Space (thanks again Sarah May). Up from September 22–November 17, 2023, the exhibition consisted of wallpaper, prints, and animations. Revising my Sherwin Series’ process in Flash (yes Flash), I asked Owen to develop this svg-randomizer to pull from my 154 images of extinct plants and eco-friendly homes made by women architects. 6 images (3 plants and 3 homes) from 24 time zones to get the 154. Then Owen wrote code to randomly place and animate these svgs in the game engine Unity. I then exported them as mp4s and collaged them into stripes resembling a UTC world map like this one. In the Institute for Creativity, Arts, and Technology at Virginia Tech this April, we’ll test a live generative version with the 24 divisions created directly in Unity.

Below is an early version of the video installation at York College of PA (thanks Matthew Clay-Robinson). The plan is to show the video installation in the Cube at Virginia Tech this fall and then at the European Cultural Centre during the Venice Architecture Biennale May–November 2025.

Video installation at York College of PA

Saturday, November 05, 2022

So Many Updates


NYC Crit Club with Mira Schor
11/2022 NYC Crit Club with Mira Schor

Since my last post in 2020, in the height COVID, life slowly got better and better. The following events happened, including 
NYC Crit Club's classes with Catherine Haggarty, Pennylane Shen, Jared Linge, and Mira Schor, and last April 2022, I was awarded tenure at Davidson College. 

Excited for upcoming solo exhibitions including January 2023 at York College of PA and September 2023 at The Shirley Space Project in Brooklyn.

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Sneakaway Studio

In 2016, my husband Owen Mundy and I started making games as Sneakaway Studio. In 2020, as we prepare to launch the beta version of our latest game Tally Saves the Internet on August 4, 2020, I've been blogging more on our Sneakaway Studio process site. Check out the latest there and on social media (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter).

Friday, January 04, 2019

Fulbright Global Scholar Award: Final Post

This is the last blog post for my 3-country Fulbright. Awarded one of the Fulbright’s first Global Scholar Awards in 2016, I traveled to Germany, Chile and China from 2017 to 2018 and returned from the last leg in Hong Kong less than two weeks ago.

Sneakaway Studio. The Speed of Thinking. 2019 mobile game.

I write this post as a way of giving back to the Fulbright community and future applicants. Major thanks also to the many people who supported me during this experience: Owen and Sophia Mundy, Jan and Joel Dietrick, Davidson College (the Jay Hurt Hub, Mark Sample, Katie St Clair), The Fulbright and through them, Hochschule für bildende Künste Hamburg, Peter Kroeger Claussen at Pontificia Universidad Católica in Valparaíso, National Archives of Chile in Santiago, Ozge Ersoy and David Smith at the Asia Art Archive, Penn State University, Drexel University, North Carolina Arts Council, the Pollock-Krasner Foundation and The MacDowell Colony.

With several major exhibitions approaching (more on my news page), I’ve shifted into studio brain, with which writing comes less easily…but if you are still reading, you are likely thinking of applying to a Fulbright. In the spirit of end-of-year lists, here’s my end-of-Fulbright points to consider:

-       1) Be honest about your strengths and what will put you into a productive state of flow. In all three locations, what stuck with me was the landscapes, each city's infrastructure, the people I met and observed on my walks, my basic routines like getting groceries. Other highlights include:

o   Germany
§  Michael Kress at Port Journeys
§  The people I met at the Gästehaus der Universität Hamburg
§  The tour of the Speicherstadt and Hafen City by Urban Planner Thorsten Gödtel during which we learned about architecture that anticipated the inevitable, rising sea levels
§  Biking through the port with Owen
§  Learning Blender / prepping models for our new mobile game The Speed of Thinking

o   Chile
§  Lunch at the Open City of Amereida
§  Having PUCV Professor Peter Kroeger Claussen as the kindest host ever

o   Hong Kong
§  Walking up the Morning Trail after long work days finishing our first mobile game The Speed of Thinking
§  Meeting Ozge Ersoy and David Smith from the Asia Art Archive
§  Starting a new game about my 8-year old daughter navigating this Fulbright

-       2) For me to be productive as a digital artist, I need to get away from my computer to move around and have a big monitor as an extension of my laptop. Think about what you need to make your work and arrange for this in advance.

-       3) Being in the center of a large cultural hub fed my artwork, but if I ever apply again, I’m curious about what it’s like to be in a smaller community.

-       4) Important: if you have small children and you cannot work with them by your side, gravitate to year-long programs and email past participants before you choose your cities to see what school options are available. Also ask them if the Fulbright funding will allow you to get housing big enough to accommodate a family. Sometimes most ideal is  university-subsidized housing sponsored by your host university. Get the answer to all of these questions before you apply.

Overall, my Fulbright experience was a life-changing experience that has taken my work to the next level, but it was a lot of work. The upside to this award is the cross-culture comparisons, but the downside is that you can multiply your administrative tasks by the number of countries involved. Please take that into consideration and plan wisely.

Good luck! I look forward to reviewing Fulbright applications in the future. In the meantime, if you are near Philadelphia, please come to our opening and panel discussion at Drexel University’s LeoPearlstein gallery on Wednesday, February 13, 2019. If you are not near Philadelphia, please download and playtest our first, humble mobile game The Speed of Thinking. We’d love to hear your thoughts. Happy 2019.

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